Bamboo dinnerware is a revolutionary and sustainable material for its ability to grow up to 3 feet a day, making it an eco-friendly alternative to traditional materials.
Responsive Website
Built entirely in Figma, I designed a responsive website for desktop and mobile, including the UX/UI strategy, user flow, and complimentary photography.
Highlighting the importance of sustainability and the materials we use on a daily basis, this campaign pulls the curtain to reveal the affect our traditional products have on our planet.
Simpleware pulls inspiration from bamboo, embodying a clean and minimal approach with abundant white space to emphasize that bamboo is the cleanest choice for sustainable dinnerware.
Bamboo is one of the fastest growing materials on the planet, with some variations growing up to 35 inches a day. As this is a fast producing renewable resource, it shines in comparison to the use of wasteful plastics, particularly in fast food and one-time use scenarios. The green bands that hold the products together are palm leaves, which are also biodegradable. Every aspect of the brand provides a low carbon footprint.
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