Emotions surpass the limitations of language, making them inherently more difficult to comprehend. 🧠

During lockdown in 2020, I recognized the challenges people faced in understanding and managing their emotions. To go from a fast paced lifestyle into stillness and isolation, this globally manifested into collective confusion and uncertainty. To address this challenge, I developed an app that teaches users how to listen to their bodies and regain control over their happiness. With mood tracking, personalized action items, and mood specific meditations, this app supports users in seeing the full perspective of their emotional journey.

As a result, users fully recognize and develop the skills need to address daily emotional challenges, empowering you to navigate everyday life.


Logo reveal inspired by a slow breathing cycle during meditation

A captivating product email campaign and template built with HTML to capture new members and increase engagement and retention.
Inspired by and placed throughout the New York City MTA subway system, this ad campaign transforms the everyday commute into introspection and self discovery through meditation.
Each train line is inspired by a constellation in the sky, weaving and winding its way through life as we follow the path to our authentic self.
An echo and nod to the iconic New York City train lines while incorporating meditation as an alternative destination.
To provide the needs of users aiming to enhance their emotional well-being, I strategized and implemented an app user experience MVP encompassing mood tracking, a comprehensive meditation library, and effective strategies to elevate their mood.
Emotional Battery
To enhance self-awareness and learn to listen to your body, report your daily mood through a visually intuitive battery.
Personalized Home Screen
Experience a personalized home screen designed to offer actionable steps for uplifting your mood and enhancing your progress.
Mood Forecast
Gain control over your future mood by tracking happiness probabilities, monitoring emotional sensitivity, and receiving recommendations to improve your well-being.
Mood Tracker
Keep tabs on your mood and measure your progress by comparing previous data and the time invested into improving your emotional state.
Meditations For Your Mood
Discover meditations that align with your current emotions that require additional emotional support and regulation.
Interactive Meditations
Access mood-specific meditations accompanied by soothing visuals and accessible captions to assist you in regulating your emotions.
Meditation Audio Sample
Experience a guided meditation that targets anxiety relief and fosters inner peace and emotional understanding.
Product Line
Branded spiritual product merchandise that elevate the app meditation experience through healing stones, incense, and tarot cards
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