Adhering to the established brand guidelines, I devised vacation-themed promotional materials accentuating the refined essence of cranberry orange flavors. To bring the design to life, I crafted engaging and whimsical marketing copy that complements the promotional content.
With Adobe XD, I developed compelling visuals and conceived engaging vacation travel copy for our cranberry orange-focused email campaign using the existing brand library assets.
Additionally, I crafted a captivating landing page header seamlessly linking the enticing cranberry orange campaign to the website, ensuring an immersive journey for customers from promotion to purchase.
For social, I crafted unique and playful Instagram posts and stories to elevate the cranberry orange campaign with storytelling as an additional touch point for the offer.
Employing traditional retouching techniques and generative AI, I transformed essential photography to fuel an alternate email campaign. This approach introduced movement and emphasized the delightful taste, highlighting its appeal.
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